The 2 Mile Team

Drew Feet.jpg


Bull goose loony. Chief cook and bottle washer. Professional Amateur.



Lead bean counter and ducket dumper.

4th generation Petaluma girl with family settling in West Marin in the 1850’s and Two Rock in the 1870’s.

I love being a mom, checking out old cars and old toys, twangy beats, bodies of water,  tacos n’ margaritas, hot chocolate, red meat, new people n’ new places, old people n’ old places, small dogs, big dogs, dogs that climb on rocks…



Globehopper, toast and smoothie popper.

Our gal Lil started surfing in Bolinas at age 9. Her first lesson was with Nick and she was a summer surf camper for many years. When she is not in school or travelling Lilly is an instructor at summer surf camp. Lilly has a small slice of the 2 Mile pie… that is what spending half of your life in a surf shop will get ya!


Shop ripper and potato chip dipper.
A Petaluma resident and currently a sheep farmer.


Becca is a twenty-something year old stuck in-between life and searching for the next adventure. Her life is a series of unfortunate events where she is constantly misplacing things so she tries to find the humor in everything. She has an obsession for freedom—to belong in the land of misfit toys and to all the leap days that didn't happen.


Sam I am, and do enjoy green eggs and ham. Sam also is an avid oceanic explorer. Let's find some waves, places and people that startle us. Pack it in, pack it out. Yewwww.



Mystic surfboards...stock & custom since 1991. Surfboard designer & shaper, curve wrangler, foam & resin technician. I was drawn into the facinating, complex world of surfboards & design as a surfer and Industrial Design student at Rhode Island School of Design. 

My interaction with clients over the years, has allowed me to take my knowledge of shaping and add customer based, problem solving skills, interpreting a user's needs and art & design and blending how they want to surf a wave into a unique, custom board. 


Our lead surf instructor, grew up in Bolinas and started boogie boarding and surfing at age 11. In 1998 he started Bolinas Surf Lessons out of his van, meeting surf students at the beach. Since 2003 he has been working with 2 Mile surf shop offering the best surf lesson experience around.


Ian has been playing in the sand and in the water at Bolinas Beach since before he could walk. At age 9 his uncle Chuck gave him his first surfboard and its been hard to get him out of the water ever since.


Not only does Travis look like an authentic surfer but he is one. At age 6, his mom who is an avid surfer herself, took him and his older brother along with her to some of Marin's most challenging surf spots. Maybe he was too young to be scared because now he's hooked for life.


Life-lover and nature nut, Ruby was drawn to the ocean at an early age. When she isn’t busy waiting for waves in the Patch, she teaches kindergarten, makes shoes, and plays the fiddle. 

Noah Feet.jpg


Noah grew up surfing in Santa Cruz and now calls the beaches of SF home. Noah has been surfing for over 15 years and doesn't intend to stop any time soon! He loves teaching, so teaching people to surf is a great way to combine his passions.



Avery is working on traveling the world after she finishes high school.  A food guru and advocate for the color orange. Once you step in, she's already best friends with your dog.