At 2 Mile Surf Shop you'll find a wide range of wetsuits from the biggest brands in the surf industry: XCEL, O'Neill, Vissla, Matuse, Sisstr, Roxy and Quiksilver.

We sell entry level wetsuits that will keep you warm with prices starting at around $200 all the way up to the most sophisticated and technical suits with prices over $500. All of our wetsuits are of high quality and can be used in Northern California year round. So whether you're a beginner surfer buying your first suit or a seasoned veteran looking for the best wetsuit made, we'll have the right choice for you.

All of the wetsuits we have in stock are 4/3 mm without hoods or 5/4 mm hooded which is the standard thickness needed in Northern California. These are measurements of the thickness of the neoprene rubber. Typically, a wetsuit is 4 mm in the chest and torso, and 3 mm in the arms and legs. This makes the suit easier to paddle and maneuver. 5/4 mm wetsuits will typically come with an attached hood and will keep you even warmer as they are thicker.