Daily Surf Report - 3/20/2010

Happy 1st day of spring. We have slightly overcast skies but there are patches of blue and the sun is starting to come through in some spots. Light side shore breeze. Still expecting mild temps and sun through the weekend. This is going to be a nice beach weekend in early spring!

First dose of a small south swell is in the water. Few minute interval between wave sets. Surf at the Patch is in the waist high range with rights and lefts. Surf at the Boat Ramp is knee high and there are surfers there as well. Surf on the Seadrift side of the Channel has waist high rights breaking and there are a few surfers on that peak.

Come by to rent if you need gear. We are clearing out the last of our fall inventory of rental suits and boards which are for sale at low prices.

Low - 9:13 am 0.2'
High - 4:22 pm 3.9'
Low - 8:47 pm 2.7'