Mostly cloudy with passing showers and even hale. 50 degrees and windy. Offshore 10 mph average and gusts up to 20 mph. from the east, supposed to be windy all day.

Surf: Swell is from the northwest. Right now the tide is already pretty low, there's lots of beach and the channel looks to be in the 1 to 2 ft. range. One surfer told me it was averaging waist to shoulder high at 8 am but when the wind picked up it was closing out. The patch looks also around 1 to 2 ft right now after 10 am. So bring a longboard. As of 3:35 pm we still have 1 to 2 ft. waves.

High-5:12 am 5.4'
Low-12:35 pm 0.4'
High-8:11 pm 4.3'