Sunday 9 - 12 Super Summer weather...where's the Beef?

1:45 PM SUN Swell not bad now for the updated report, some thigh hi almost waist hi waves at the beach now, but a bit swamped w/hi tide...

AM report:
Temps are cool and there is no wind. Should be a nice beach day today, same as it ever was...yesterday saw some warm, light/no wind style, GREAT for taking it easy on la playa, just bring a longboard!

Low tide is causing the surf to be fast breaking and small. The Channel shows mostly knee high waves. When working the left is rideable to the inside Groin on a longboard. There are also some similar or bigger rights on the Seadrift side.

The Patch is currently flat, a rouge set crumbled over the outer rock when I checked it??? Didn't seem rideable, but showed some promise for later/higher tide. Maybe some small south in the water? Patch should improve with incoming tide during the late morning or afternoon. It is longboards only today.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

Low - 8:34 am 2.0'
High - 2:59 pm 6.4'
Low - 9:37 pm 0.0'

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