Daily Surf Report - 7/31/2011

Good morning. This morning we have foggy skies, and again, a slightly textured ocean. Wind is slight, out of the south. Typical weather pattern has sun coming out by around noon with temps up to 70F.

Channel: Low tide conditions with waves in the thigh to waist high range.
Breaking pretty good this morning. With a little more water, should be even better. About eight people out.

Patch: Low tide conditions, with lots of exposed rocks,some waves, not real consistent yet. Again, should get better with a little more water.
Four people on the outside, and a handful of folks on the inside.


The 12th Annual Kahuna Kupuna benefit surf contest will take place on Saturday, August 6, 2011 at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California from 7 am to 5 pm. Entry forms are now being accepted and are available at all Pacifica surf shops or via download at www.kahunakupunasurf.org.

Developed with the idea of putting a spotlight on the ever growing numbers of local avid surfers moving into their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond while also raising some much needed funds for PEF, the Kahuna Kupuna is the only amateur surf contest in the world that offers surfers 50 years of age and over competitive divisions that are set up in 5-year increments as well as offering a “Junior Kupuna” division for surfers 40 – 49 years of age. Kahuna, in Hawaiian, means “Big Chief” and Kupuna means “Grandparent” or, more accurately, “older member of the community who others turn to for advice and counsel.”

2011 Poster

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

Low: 6:31 am -0.8'
High: 1:34 pm 5.3'
Low: 6:32 pm 2.1'

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