Daily Surf Report - 8/29/2011


Good Morning Californianites and followers of the Sun.

Today it seems Bolinas beach and surf spots are a little tired and cloudy from such a busy weekend. I mean, I guess waves are breaking through the fog, and I guess there are a few guys out, I mean, I did see someone at the channel shuffle into a ankle high left for a cross step-to- 3 second trimsection. In my opinion, it looked like a lot of work. But hey, if you have the means and abilities to get stoked off of a lined up, 58degree, 1ft and foggy, sandbar left, you should go into the ministry or something, because your powers of stoke and optimism go beyond the sandbar. Also, if you need to beat the crowds of this weekend and still cleanse your being with a wave on a longboard in a serene and peaceful setting, you could definitely do so at the channel today. I will let you know if the sun comes out later today.....Om, peace, peace, peace~

Channel: Waves in the ankle to knee high range today. Scattered peaks from Seadrift to the Channel and the inside Groin. Mostly lefts with an occasional right towards Stinson. Incoming tide seems to be helping and a few fun and long rides are out there.

Patch: Outside past the rock are a few small waves in the knee high + range. No one out at this spot right now, but waves are trying to break on the outside, more tide might let them do so.

This Saturday - 9/3/2011 is our next Sunset Surfing Extravaganza! Shop will be open from 9am - 9pm. Come on out for a late night rental and enjoy the last weekend of summer. Vitamin Water will be at the shop with tons of drinks to keep you cool and stoked.

All the details are HERE

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

Low: 5:59 am -0.2'
High: 12:146 pm 5.8'
Low: 6:16 pm 1.1'

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