Daily Surf Report - 12/2/2011

"The Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry offshore winds that characteristically sweep through Southern California and northern Baja California in late fall and winter. They can range from hot to cold, depending on the prevailing temperatures in the source regions, the Great Basin and upper Mojave Desert. The winds are known for the hot dry weather that they bring in the fall, and are infamous for fanning regional wildfires. They also groom up surf conditions by blowing offshore."

Glorious morning with sun, E winds, clear skies and a current temp of 63F. Swell is a diminishing mix fading from the NW and a small SW as well. Winds are still stiff and offshore so helping with the small surf. Plenty of people in the water as the weather is great. Bring sunglassess + sunscreen.

Channel: Small but consistent lines working through the Channel with lots of spray off the back. About 10 in the water and size is thigh high with occasional waist. They peel for a while once you get in but it takes a bit more paddling with the wind this morning. Mix of small lefts and rights.

Patch: Not really working. Still ankle high in size at best.

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High: 5:41 am 5.3'
Low: 11:48 am 2.1'
High: 5:17 pm 4.1'

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