Daily Surf Report - 1/21/2012

I'm just a little black rain cloud...
Currently clear, well rain on one side of town, a break in the storm, it might just be recharging for another round. On the drive out there was torrential dowpour, sunshine, rainbows, trees, debri and bicyclists, so if you're driving, AWARENESS, know your surroundings.

As for the surf, kind of side shore winds, not as completely torn as it could be...that said, very high tide this morning with lots of swell, makes it look like a workout, but there might be a payoff out there with the right position, board, and attitude.

Channel: Storm bred wind surf! About 4 guys surfing and 1 SUPer. Waves look to be in the waist to chest high range, tide is maxing out right now, things could improve if another front doesn't come kick the piss out of the coast right away. The ocean just looks a little...er...confused.

Boat Ramp: Little knee to waist high waves, maybe bodysurf or just grind into the shorepound, almost ripping.

Patch: Not much, tide might be too high, but some knee to waist highers rolling on the inside into the shorepound.

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Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

High: 9:24 am 6.8'
Low: 4:14 pm -1.0'
High: 11:23 pm 5.2'

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