Daily Surf Report - 1/3/2012

PM update:
This one's got a pulse ~
About 120 pulses, and 240 eyeballs, all trying to get waves and look at you. SO it's crowded, and all the beach-breaks are macking, and these beach-breaks are mostly empty because everyone decided to drive to Bolinas.
The fog is still thick. The tide is draining out, and the channel is still breaking just fine. It hasn't switched yet and it is still breaking fine.

Channel: Bowly pop up peaks on the outer bar wrapping through at around chest high all the way to the inside, pretty clean.
Quite a bit of people on it already. NOT a good day for beginners.

Patch: Great for everyone today : ) Go here. There are peaks everywhere, and they are breaking in unusual places. The crowd is not that bad. Consistent waist high waves, maybe even more.
Even on the low tide, the patch is now breaking in the middle of the beach.
People are catching log waves in the middle of the beach between the boatramp and the patch. Low tide patch!

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

High: 6:42 am 5.7'
Low: 1:59 pm 0.7'
High: 8:55 pm 3.9'

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