Daily Surf Report - 2/7/2012

Small Craft advisory/ Victory at Sea
~ If you paddled out right now, had fun, and caught a wave, the real victory would be yours... if you actually want it.
Because right now, there are no takers at all.
The waves are there, but boy so is that wind.
Stormsurf conditions. Cloudy with light rain. Lots of waves. Not really a good time to bring the kiddies since Bo doesn't have a lifeguard. Only experienced hurricane surfers, and maybe just the right SUP rider.

Channel: Waist to head high, Bermuda triangle sand bar is showing, waves coming from every direction at once.

Patch: This is the ironman of patch days, looks like the cape horn of Bolinas. About waist to chest, waves breaking everywhere.

Swim Fin Madness Sale.
25% off all swim fins this month.

Grab a new set of swim fins and go bodysurf, boogie board or hand plane. Keep a set of swim fins with you and you will always have the tools needed to get in the water no matter what the conditions.

Perfect for those not-so-surfable days and also as a post-surf pick-me-up, to get your stoke back on. You will have a blast and can't get any closer
to the wave curl.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

High: 09:55 am 6.2'
Low: 4:37 pm -0.5'
High: 11:38 pm 5.1'

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