Daily Surf Report - 3/25/2012

Light winds but you can tell it was stormy, semi-glassy, and a little bit of left over swell that will fade throughout the day. Currently 47 degrees, a sunbeam here and there, and then some drizzles, weather is a little bipolar today.

Sidenote: if you see people touching or harassing sea creatures please report them to the Marine Mammal Center. A volunteer informed us that someone was seen cutting the head of a dead sea lion, very illegal! Please call 1 (415) 289-7325
Protect our Oceans.

Channel: Bottomed out tide but filling in now, some left over swell is still pushing through, about 6-7 guys out, knee to waist high waves. Maybe enough push for a fish, but mostly longer boards reaping the rewards out there.

Patch: Not totally destroyed, a little mixed up and wishy washy, knee high, should improve with tide push.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

Low: 7:55 am 0.3'
High: 2:41 pm 4.4'
Low: 7:48 pm 2.1'

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