Daily Surf Report - 4/17/2012

In case you didn't have anything to do today:
There are tons of waves in Bolinas. All kinds.
A nice combo swell has filled in this morning, and the surf zone is flooded with pop up peaks and walled lines everywhere. Nothing substantial in size, but conditions and frequency are happening. Fair weather- light overcast, grey sky, 51 degrees, no winds at the moment.

Channel: A decent amount of energy is showing here now.
Chest high is the norm, kind of crowded. Some waves grind off the bar going both ways, outside and inside. Please do not bring your new longboard here and think you are going to get tubed, maybe try if there is no one around, but most likely all folks on bulky equipment will be very stoked at the patch, and the shredding at the channel can continue without many obstacles. Besides, the patch is looking sick.

Patch: This is looking interesting. The combo swell is causing waves to break in an unusual zone, inside inside the patch way outside, between the boat ramp and the patch. This peak is about chest high, and splitting both ways, looking really fun for the log. There are a few longboards out.
Normal patch reef point is showing lined up waist high wave frequently too.

Michel Junod surfboards are now in the shop!
Come by to check out some classic longboards and eggs.

"Located on the Westside of Santa Cruz, a block off of Highway 1 and a few blocks from Steamer Lane and the other Westside breaks. We have a crew of 4 that has a combined working experience of over 125 years.
Running a shaping and glass shop is always extra work, but being able to oversee the production of each board allows more attention to detail and makes each board truly custom. Surfboards made by surfers is in harmony with much of the local spirit here in Santa Cruz. We are part of a community of small businesses, craftsmen and artists who’ve chosen this coastal town to be their home.
The “ride everything” movement has sparked interest throughout the surfing world to fine tune previous design movements and incorporate various design aspects of these movements into new exciting shapes that bring unique experiences to the curious and adventuresome surfer.
Living in SC, maintaining my business and shaping custom boards has been my top priority. This remarkable surf town has blessed me not only with many friendships locally, but also has given me the opportunity to build new friendships with people I’ve shaped boards for from all over the world. There is a special joy in receiving compliments from customers who have expressed their gratitude for my making them an exceptional surfboard. I have found that a reputation is built one board at a time."

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

High: 10:08 am 4.7'
Low: 3:49 pm 0.6'
High: 10:00 pm 5.4'

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