Daily Surf Report - 8/12/2012

This weekend only - $50 off all NEW or USED surfboards in the 2Mile inventory. (Excludes consignment boards)

9'0" Linden Longboard with Double Headed Surf Pelican Totem

Custom Artwork by Walter Blair Tom

For Sale at 2 Mile. Surf it, ride it, Put it on your wall.

South swell sliders are here, come hang ten on the totem.

UP DATE! The sun is out and it's about 70 degrees! The surf is still holding inspite of the high tide! C'mon out and surf!

Good morning surferos! It's another week and we find ourselves with an overcast morning with the temperature currently 54 degrees but hopefully, HOPEFULLY we'll see that lucky old sun who rolls around heaven all day. We have a bit of surf here in the village and with NOAA telling us that there is a 3' bump from the South plodding through, well...you know just what to do.

Channel: Glassy with knee to waist high spinners from the groin pole, middle of the channel and seadrift as well. About 10 surfers and 1 SUP enjoying the stoke as I write this. Mucho fun can be had with a big, floaty board.

Patch: Always a slow starter, the Patch looks to be trying with knee high rollers coming through. No one on it yet but with this mini-South and the tide coming up it could be the spot later, yeah? B-I-G L-O-G is the call.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


Low: 3:34 am 0.4'

High: 10:48 am 4.4'

Low: 3:12 pm 3.0'

High: 9:09 pm 5.9'

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