Daily Surf Report - 9/16/2012

Congratulations to Rik and Ginger who set a new personal best for distance traveled via walking. Keep up the good work.

We start the day overcast and cool with current morning temp of 53F. No wind and sun will be out by mid morning. Temps hit 72F yesterday and the same is expected today. A smooth and glassy ocean with small surf greets us to start the day in Bolinas.

The surf is very small today. South swell on the buoys is very steep and showing just a little bit. Tide filling in should help as it turned on for a bit yesterday. A great beginner day to rent gear and learn to surf.

CHANNEL: Waves in the knee to possibly thigh high size breaking on the Channel bar. Lefts that will hold up but will be best surfed on a big longboard today. Nothing happening at the Groin bar right now. Leave the fish and shortboard at home, grab a log and get a few waves.

PATCH: Knee high rights on the inside. Needs more water to cover the rocks but should work better as there is a small South in the water. Waiting period as per usual but rideable waves are out there. Break out the big log to catch these waves today.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


Low: 5:51 am 0.7'

High: 12:28 pm 6.0'

Low: 6:20 pm 0.5'

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