Daily Surf Report - 9/27/2012

Hello and good morning to all of you mid-week surfers! It's a foggy, gray morning and the temp is currently at 53 degrees. High pressure system is on tap and the sun is expected to show up later today with warm temps into the weekend. There is still some swell energy left in the ocean today. Relatively smooth ocean with very little wind this morning. Still rideable but best on a longboard today.

CHANNEL: Still have waves that are almost waist high rolling through the Channel this morning. Random peaks popping up due to the westerly swell direction. There is something worth paddling out for at Sea Drift, the Middle Bar and the Groin Pole this morning. Bring a log or any old floaty thing you may glide upon. 8 surfers spread out in the lineup catching waves already.

PATCH: Thigh high rollers breaking at the Patch. Not much energy there right now but it's always fun and worth a look at the Patch. Bring the big single-fin and glide upon the smoothness that exists there. 2 humans there right now out around the meeting rock.

John Doe and Rambin' Jack Elliott Concert
Bolinas Community Center
September 29 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Co-hosted by 2Mile's very own - Jaime Crespo!

A wonderful evening of music with John Doe and Ramblin Jack Elliott. Alison Harris and the Barn Owls open the show. Three-course dinner before the show with purchase of dinner ticket. Dinner provided by Coast Cafe, Chef David Cook (KWMR's host of Fish Tales). Limited number of dinner tickets available!

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!!
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


Low: 3:58 am 0.4'

High: 10:47 am 5.6'

Low: 4:27 am 1.2'

High: 10:43 pm 5.7'

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