Daily Surf Report - 11/13/2012

As The Rascals used to sing, "It's a Beautiful Morning." Sunny with high 'horse tail' clouds (as Jack Ellis would say) and a chilly 45 degrees this fine autum morning. The surf today...well, with this sharp up-coming tide in the extreme and lack of a swell it's making one want to think twice (three times?) before entering the water. Slow, buttermilk crumblers, if there is anything to ride out there. Big (as in HUGE) boards may work but I'd wait until the tide changes...and you know it will.

CHANNEL: Inside, INSIDE (that's Double Secret Probation inside) Mali-Bo there might be a knee high mush burger but that's about all there is on the menu for now with this huge tide. I bet with the out-going tide later there will be a mini buffet for all to eat from. Two (2) diners in the back booth fighting over a cracker right now.

PATCH: No wave. No surfers. No bueno. Maybe later...?

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!!
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 10:08 am 6.9'

LOW: 4:47 pm -1.4'

HIGH: 11:52 pm 5.1'

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