Daily Surf Report - 12/24/2012

Complements of the season to all of you sliders of the brine. It's a sunny morning at the beach today as it is currently a cool 45 degrees. Big, swamping tides this morning making it a bit mushy for any clean surf, yet some folks are still out here trying to make the most of it. Later with the tide change and if the wind cooperates (by staying away or slightly off-shore) there could be an early Christmas present for those who have been good.

Attention: We will be closed tomorrow, December 25th for Christmas day. Thank you.

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CHANNEL: Waist high closeouts at the Groin Pole and middle bar. Not a heck of a lot to write home about. Reminds one of lumpy oatmeal. Loads of bounce-back/back wash with the high tide and the intervals are super Danny DeVito short. If you're not too particular about conditions then read no further and go for it. For the rest of you...maybe later with the tide change. Five (5) longboards out there now because they have the day off from work and probably figure this is it for awhile.

PATCH: Slower than a sloth on cough syrup. About thigh high that peters out in no time flat. Why? Because there is too much water here right now. The bounce back/back wash with the high tide is playing havoc here as well. With the radical tide change later maybe this will be the spot...(?). No one out here as I write this.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!!
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 8:17 am 6.0'

LOW: 3:24 pm -0.1'

HIGH: 10:29 pm 4.4'

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