Daily Surf Report - 1/14/2013

Well, goodmorning and welcome to another new week campers! It's sunny and brisk this morning at the beach with the temp coming in at the moment around 31 degrees (in the shop it's probably about -2 but at least there is no wind chill factor). As for the surf...well, it is trying (Duxbury Reef looks as if it's awoke from it's early morning slumber but we'll have to wait it out and see) but for the time being it looks as if we're all going to have to sing a hearty rendition of that tried-and-true classic, "Lake Bolinas." Sing it in any key you wish as long as it's in a FLAT key. If there are any changes you know I'll post it here. If not, well you know the name of that tune as well.

Be careful when driving the West Marin environs this time of year. Black ice is prevalent and there are still small patches of ice on the road as the sun is low in the sky and it takes a while to thaw out. Drive slowly and with caution.

CHANNEL: Flatter than a pancake. Flatter than a tortilla. Flatter than a pool table and twice as green. Flatter than the EKG line of one of Dr. Kavorkian's patients. Flatter than 12 day road kill on I-5 in mid-summer. So flat that it's almost concave. You get the idea. NO ONE there right now.... 'cept the sun.

PATCH: Yeah, you know already... read above and apply liberally.

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LOW: 6:54 am 2.0'

HIGH: 12:58 am 6.1'

LOW: 7:18 pm -0.4'

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