Daily Surf Report - 1/23/2013

ATTENTION: We will be closing early today at 3:00 SHARP! However, we will re-open tomorrow morning at our usual time of 10AM. Thank you.

Buenas dias surferos del mar. It's overcast here at the beach with the temp coming in at about 54 degrees. Hardly any wind let alone a breeze to speak of this morning and that pretty much goes right along with the surf as well. An empty parking lot speaks volumes around here. Crumble bums are tumbling along in around the waist high (+/-) neighborhood, so if you like riding white water then this is your place. Otherwise, I'd wait for the tide to swing around later.

Be careful when driving the West Marin environs this time of year. Black ice is prevalent and there are still small patches of ice on the road as the sun is low in the sky and it takes a while to thaw out. Drive slowly and with caution.

CHANNEL: With this high tide these tumbling tumbleweeds that resemble a minature wall of cotton balls are slogging in at about waist high. It could change later with the tide but it's gonna' be a sharp turn-around that's sharper than a Samurai Sword from Kill Bill (parts I & II)! If there is a change I'll update...if not, I won't. Nobody out here but some flotsom.

PATCH: The Patch is trying it's best this morning. However, with this high tide, backwash/bounce back and the absurd loooooooong periods of waiting a waist high set (sorta') comes through. However (oh, yeah there's always one of these) these "sets" are crumbling and stalling and just when you think it's gonna' break clean...it doesn't. Again, maybe later with this radical tide change but I think the window of opportunity is going to be a super short one... if it shows at all. Same as above, I'll update if there is a change...if not, I won't. No one here and for good reason.

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HIGH: 9:12 am 6.0'

LOW: 4:11 pm -0.1'

HIGH: 11:17 pm 4.8'

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