Daily Surf Report - 1/26/2013

Surfs up today as our latest delivery from the NW lingers around. Beautiful morning with sun rise over the fog shrouded Marin hills, windless and warm at 54F, a smooth ocean surf with swell and 25 of your favorite surfing buddies in the water. There are hipsters on fish, hulls and eggs, youthful shortboarders, old guys on logs, newbies on Wavestorms and lots of others in between.

Still fun size with a bit of push and consistently waist high + with standout waves up to shoulder high. Water level is getting high with tide peaking at 10:30am so be wary on entrance and exit from the beach. Bring what you like to ride and some sunscreen.

CHANNEL: Still lots of rideable peaks and waves this morning. Nice bowly, pocket left working off the Groin pole. Steep drop then workable to the inside. Best peak is the right off the Groin pole that runs into the Channel. Walls up on the drop, backs off a bit as it hits the inside ledge then stands up and run into the Channel. Prepare for a long paddle back to the line up. Seadrift side of things working as well the rights to ride. Lots of surfers in the water already and wave size runs waist + up to shoulder on the better ones. Nice and fun surf morning today.

PATCH: Working this morning as tide has not filled all the way in. Still have lots of water breaking up against the seawall so access is up and over then down the rocks. Inside waves are rideable and thigh/waist high. All rocks covered up. Outside peaks a bit scattered but rideable on a longboard this morning and size runs to waist high. Beautiful, sunny beach day as well so come on out and get some waves.

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LOW: 4:32 am 2.6'

HIGH: 10:30 am 6.1'

LOW: 5:12 pm -0.3'

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