Daily Surf Report - 1/8/2013

Attention: We will be closing early today but we will be open tomorrow morning at our usual time 10AM. Thanks!

Goodmorning children of the brine! It's sunny out and a cool 44 degrees here at the beach today. That dwindling swell I wrote about yesterday has dwindled a smidge more. Sure, there's a bit of a bump out there now but with that dwindle mixed with the high tide it's so soft even Viagra couldn't help it now. Before you go sulking away remember; there is always hope with the afternoon tide swing.

Be careful when driving the West Marin environs this time of year. Black ice is prevalent and there are still small patches of ice on the road as the sun is low in the sky and it takes a while to thaw out. Drive slowly and with caution.

CHANNEL: If this were a ride at Disney Land no one over five years of age would be on it. There is a thigh/waist high foamer drooling across the middle bar and into the lagoon but with a minute swell and a tide that is so high it makes Jeff Spicoli and Cheech & Chong look like sober, right-wing repulicans that perhaps later with that Lizzy Borden moodswing tide it could get better. Four (4) Longboards out there doing whatever it is one will do with these conditions.

PATCH: High tide + The Patch = grunting. Little rolling speed bumps that would seem more in place in a strip mall parking lot. Yup. The tide swing later today could spruce this place up rather well. No one out except the sun and bird life at the moment.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 7:49 am 6.7'

LOW: 2:45 am -0.7'

HIGH: 9:55 pm 4.6'

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