Daily Surf Report - 2/21/2013

Good morning surfers! Sunny, brisk and beautiful morning with very light wind and current temp of 44F. Localized windswell in the water with a new NW on the way for the next few days. There are rides to be had today with a glassy ocean and peaky little rollers in both spots. Great day to longboard and it sure beats working.

CHANNEL: Glideable and rideable waves at the Groin pole and running on through into the Mali-BO regions. Size goes thigh high + but with the right longboard you are on it and catching waves. Peaky tide dropping now so shape may improve. Seadrift looks a little bigger and has rights to ride as well. 2 in the water with others giving it a look.

PATCH: Waist high (maybe) middle and inside of the Patch as well as the Snags. This spot is the call as there is lots of sand in the water and landings are soft. Wave will hold up and can be ridden to the beach if you pick wisely. 4 in the water on logs and SUPs. Get it.

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PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 8:01 am 5.6'

LOW: 3:02 am 0.3'

HIGH: 10:06 pm 4.6'

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