Daily Surf Report - 3/19/2013

Greetings purveyors of surfboard riding. It's another glorious morning here at the beach with a temp sliding on in at a mellow 48 degrees, again not a breath of wind as little, wispy clouds play high above in the pinkish/blue stratosphere while the sun peeks over the ridge at Stinson beach to greet another Bolinas morning. It's glassy but it's almost non-existent in the surf department...almost. Read on...

CHANNEL: Another morning of a fast draining lagoon make this spot (for the time being) no bueno for water fun. A knee-high, white water gob that collides with the outgoing "river run" right over the soon-to-be exposed sand bar. While both parties are exchanging insurance information and checking over the damage, we can only wait and see what will happen later in the day with the incoming tide. I'll be sure to post up here if changes do occur. No one out there as I write this.

PATCH: Knee-to-occasional-thigh high right over the middle of the Clam Patch that takes seemily forever to appear and once it does it belches along for a little ways before heading back to the bunk house at Rancho Neptune. The rocks are beginning to wake up this morning here so, get it while it's...(ahem)...good. Maybe later today with that tide turn-around we will see a little bit more. BIG boards and Custodial gear may work here. Two (2) souls out; Hank on a 10'0" log and someone else on a Boogie Board! Yes, you read that correctly... a Boogie Board.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 5:14 am 5.0'

LOW: 12:28 am 0.9'

HIGH: 8:08 pm 4.0'

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