Daily Surf Report - 3/2/2013

High clouds with sun burning through. Still expected to be a nice weekend as high pressure remains over the region. Light NE winds and a temp of 52F. New NW swell in the water with buoy readings of 8' @ 15secs. We definitely have rideable surf in town today for a variety of boards. Just hit low tide and swell still showing. Incoming should bring a bit more push. Bring yourself + family out to the beach and enjoy the day.

CHANNEL: Solidly rideable with waves in the waist to shoulder high range. Relatively smooth ocean surf as winds are very light. Not perfect and still sectioning at times but there are waves that hold up and allow a drop and a few turns and even a closeout barrel or two. Expected to grow throughout the day. Groin bar lefts are starting to work again and the right is still there as well. About 10 in the water on a mix of equipment today. More water will help shape throughout the day.

PATCH: Again rideable peaks popping up all over the Patch. Outside waves are rideable on SUPs or big boards that paddle well. Size is waist high + and mostly rights with a few lefts. Waves are scattered but there for the riding. Inside waves walling up and rideable as well. Watch for the exposed and lurking rocks as boards, knees and feet no like. Much more energy today. 12 in the water. Good stuff on a log.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 8:34 am 0.4'

HIGH: 3:15 pm 4.3'

LOW: 8:20 pm 2.0'

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