Daily Surf Report - 3/30/2013

1:00pm Update:
Hints of sunshine breaking through.  Wind remains very light.  Surf remains small.

Overcast and a bit of misty/drizzle this morning.  Still no wind and temp is a balmy at 53F.  Rain later today and possibly into Easter so get to the beach now if you can.  Still no real swell to speak of.  Macroscopically microscopic this morning with low tide going lower.  Hopefully incoming tide will give that little push to get surfboards moving but currently looks like a SUP or kayak morning.  Drink some coffee and wait it out if you can.  Evenings have been small but fun with little waves at both spots.    Massive amounts of exposed beach, rocks and sandbars for you viewing pleasure.

CHANNEL: Sandbars exposed out into the lineup this morning with more water heading out.  Lets you see how the bars are set up for when swell arrives and water covers.  As for now pick your favorite ocean dwelling creature and pretend you are it.  That is how you will get waves in a favorable size this morning.  Double over barnacle at best.  Seahorse shacks and urchin tubes galore.  Clam cover-ups and Tip Time for starfish.  Will need more water to start a little push and maybe get things going today.  Not a whole lot of swell out there but bring the big board and expectations may be met later in the day.

PATCH: Lots of rocks showing.  Very few if any waves showing this morning.  Negative low tide has things shut down for now.  2 longboarders in the water having a nice morning conversation.  Not much paddling or wave riding to speak of.  Size is ankle at best.  Definitely needs more water and late morning into the afternoon is a possibility if the weather holds out as well.  Touring SUP and kayaks are a go!  We do NOT have these for rent.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 8:21 am -0.5'

HIGH: 3:17 pm 4.7'

LOW: 8:15 pm 2.0'

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