Daily Surf Report - 3/9/2013

Another beautiful morning greets us in Bolinas today. Sunshine - again. Light offshore wind - again. Glassy ocean - again. High pressure with temp of 49F - again. Diminishing combo swell but still enough left in the water to make rideable and fun waves. Nice little day to go for a surf. High tide just about to peak with a little boat ramp flow happening. Starting to feel a bit of Spring water chill so boots or gloves may be required. Great conditions for beginners.

CHANNEL: MaliBo rights working with waves that run for a good while. Lots of face for turns and turns and little closeout barrels at the end. 1st Peak MaliBo is where all the retro hipster beanie wearing espresso sipping kids sit with their slanted haircuts and wood keel historical boards. Post-modern hobo artists, wanderlust Canadiens and Nihilists dwell here as well. Double tandem seagull crystal guided surf session. 2nd Peak MaliBo has semi-mature adults riding HP longboards, classic single fins, eggs and odd modern shapes that trim and glide. Inside Peak MaliBo has beginners learning to surf and the flotsam and jetsam of the morning crowd. Size is waist high and waves are fairly rippable with the right board. Tide switch will shut it down pretty soon. Seadrift has rights and lefts worth exploring and offshore breezes grooming up the almond curls.

PATCH: Still rideable waves both way outside and mid-way as well. Size is thigh to waist and the ocean is smooth and clean. Big single-fin logs occupying the area but fairly well spaced out so everyone gets a turn. Plenty of little waves for everyone. Peak high tide has the Snags covered up for now. Grab your log ride.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 3:13 am 1.7'

HIGH: 9:25 am 6.1'

LOW: 3:43 pm -0.3'

HIGH: 10:35 pm 5.6'

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