Daily Surf Report - 4/10/2013

Aloha everyone and welcome to the middle of the week here at the beach. It's another beautiful sunny day, slightly breezier than yesterday with the temperature lolling in at a temperate 54 degrees (it got up to the low 80's yesterday and will do the same today). Surf has dwindled a bit more but that isn't stopping anyone from going in. Catch words for today are: HUGE boards & sun block.

CHANNEL:  Just under waist high (you need to be *this* tall for this ride) over the middle bar as right handed mini-emerald's of joy yawn un-ridden on the Sea Drift side. A log and you on the right side of the middle bar could do the trick. In-coming tide may change the complexion here for the better... if the wind doesn't ratchet up. There are about four (4) long boarders sitting far to the left of the bar in front of the Groin Pole doing absolutely nothing... hm.

PATCH:  Thigh high dribblers that meander along for the minimal amount of trim time only to turn into a "Straight-off, Adolph" snoozer then disappear altogether faster than your money in a Ponzi scheme. Lot's of texture chopping up the surface a bit as well. With the in-coming tide this spot will probably shut down until the tide reverses out. Hey, at least the rocks will be covered! Two (2) desperate souls on big boards making a go of it.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:15 am   -0.1'

HIGH: 12:55 pm   5.0'

LOW: 6:10 pm   1.4'

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