Daily Surf Report - 4/13/2013

Grab the ball bearings and slather on the 3 in 1 oil, check the Fetzer valve and head on out to the beach.  Another sunny Spring day in Bolinas with wispy clouds, WNW winds blowing offshore and a current temp of 53F.  High pressure is back and warm temps are expected through the weekend.  Not much happening surf wise at the moment.  Localized windswell with a small background S starting to fill in.  Bottomed out negative tide giving us lots of sand and exposed rocks, minimal water levels and small waves.

CHANNEL:  Fishermen enjoying the conditions from on shore and wading into the ocean.  Looks like a Diawa rod and reel combo is working best to haul in the day's catch.  No surfers in the water yet as tide is too low and needs to fill in.  There were small lefts at the Groin yesterday and  rights at Seadrift during the late morning into the evening and I expect the same today.  Currently shin burners and ankle crunchers abound. 

PATCH:  Groomed up micro rollers of the double over barnacle variety.  Not too appealing at the moment but keep an eye out as this spot will get working as the water levels rise.  Lots of longboards in the parking lot and surfers suiting up.  No place to go but here right now.  Expect smallness but fun on the right board today. 

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 8:08 am   -0.2'

HIGH: 3:15 pm   4.4

LOW: 8:05 pm   2.4'

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