Daily Surf Report - 4/19/2013

Another sunny morning now that the light fog has burned off.  Again light winds and temp of 52F.  Beautiful beach day here in Bolinas.  Inland temps expected to increase and mild to nice weather will be the norm coast side.  Surf conditions remain the same with a very steep but small S swell and still some NW wind swell in the water.  Small surf and long lulls between sets but the big, big, big board will do the trick.  The crustacean crew pulling out the 10' boards to go for a paddle and hopefully find a gem to ride.

CHANNEL: A bit churned up in the Channel and at the Groin but a few pieces and parts of waves are showing up.  Nothing too great but something to get you moving if this spot is to your liking.  At least 1 surfer in the water and looks fun for bodysurfing as well.  Size looks to be thigh high +

PATCH: Small  bumps but rideable today.  Tide is heading out so get on it.   S swell spitting out smooth waves but long waits between sets as is the norm for S swells.   Logs and SUPs and SUPs and logs moving this direction.  Afternoon incoming tide had surf with size running 2 - 3' last night.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 6:39 am  4.3'

LOW: 1:21 pm  0.7'

HIGH: 8:39 pm  4.5'

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