Daily Surf Report - 4/23/2013

Happy Tuesday morning to all of you creatures of the brine! It looks to be yet another wonderful day here at the beach! The temperature is coming in at 53 degrees BUT it's also a bit windy as well. There is a SW wind that is chopping up the water surface more than a Benihana! None-the-less there are still some folks bellying up to the bar and ordering the Tempura.

Message for the day: Listen to LOTS of Jazz!

CHANNEL: Thigh high wind chop foamers slurping across a busted and broke sand bar. Wind + High Tide = Yuck. Maybe later? I've seen more people in Detroit. Zero (0) humanoids in the Channel.

PATCH: Thigh-to-the occasional-above waist high peaks all going right (in a section-y manner), HOWEVER there is a load of cross-chop spewing from the Duxbury direction coupled with a wind making it seem almost like the tornado scene from the Wizard of Oz. The high tide will most definitely kill it, so maybe later at the tide turn-around... if the wind subsides. Six (6) longboards looking to set sail for the high seas. Ride, Captain ride...upon your mystery ship...

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 4:24 am 0.4'

HIGH: 10:50 am  4.7'

LOW: 4:18 pm  1.1'

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