Daily Surf Report - 5/5/2013

Now rocking our SUMMER HOURS and open daily from 9am - 6pm.
Don't be a cry baby. Put some gravel in your gut and come out to the coast. It might be that time of the month for Poseidon but the true shredder would face these not so good conditions with fortitude. Cloudy day and 56F with south winds and a  NOT SO beautiful end to the weekend. S swell lingers in a coma but just needs a brave surfer to bring him back to life. Eat your greens and come out. Get your knees wet and possibly even your upper thigh on a bigger set.

CHANNEL: Messy, small and sour. Hugging the groin pole may help you find a piece or part but no one is out and the seals are kings of this spot. Lower tide may make this not so good spot even worse so hurry out and TRY and have fun.

PATCH: If your not much of a surfer and prefer to wade and hangout in the kelp forest you are stoked. No surfers out and my crystal orb does not seem to show a bright future both because of the lack of surf and sun. If you love your mother earth you will give her a hug anyway and forget the wind! Conditions should get even worse with low tide but you may possibly find a wave at dusk with the next high.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 3:10 am 0.9'

HIGH: 9:18 am 4.5'

LOW: 2:52 pm  0.8'

SUMMER HOURS are now in effect. We are now open daily from 9am - 6pm from MAY through OCTOBER. Come out to rent if you need gear. We have a full selection of suits, boots, boards, and SUPs to rent every day and are only 522 steps to the beach.

Lots of NEW and USED boards are in the racks so come check it out. Full wetsuits, 3 and 5mm booties, hoods and gloves are in stock as well. If you are in need of a new suit or board now is a great time to shop. We have all the gear for your cold water surfing needs.