Daily Surf Report - 6/28/2013

 Evening Update:
Overcast and fog starting to give way to sunshine.  Expect warmness at the beach and unbearable heat inland.  Temps predicted to hit triple digits for the next 3-4 days.  Currently 59F and no wind.  Still high humidity at 71%.  Tide starting to really suck out and you know what that can do the surf conditions.  Still have the SW swell kicking in but NW has dropped and is mainly windswell at this time.  Waves to ride out in the mist and the lineups will be getting crowded.
"The National Weather Service is warning residents from northern California, including Sacramento, all the way to southern Arizona of the possibility of intense heat through the weekend that could rival a 2005 heat wave that killed 17 people in the Las Vegas area.  Arizona and the California deserts seem to be in for the worst of it. Temperatures are forecast to rise as high as 122 degrees in California's Coachella Valley, as high as 129 in Death Valley and up to 118 in Phoenix.  Head to the beaches to get waves and cool off."
CHANNEL: Glassy and low tide conditions.  Standing room only as you can walk out to the break.  Shallow at best on most waves.  Lots of water leaving the lagoon and tide pull is strong.  Plenty of paddling required to hold your position and find the best waves.  Deeper Channel giving up a few good ones that pitch and run a bit before hitting the inside shallows and close out or die.  Size is waist high + on the better waves but they are shifty and some of the drops have no water.  Sit deep on a longboard and get in early.  At the Groin and towards the boat ramp are miscellaneous waves with mostly lefts to ride.  Sectiony and thigh/waist high.  A few hold up long enough for a few turns.  Super fun for the body surfing enthusiast.

PATCH: Still foggy but I know the Patch likes a S swell.  There were waves here all day yesterday and into the evening and the buoy numbers are still reading good.  This is the spot today so pull out the big board and go get some glide, slide and ride to start your day off right.  Size is unknown and reports will vary but I am willing to bet waist high +.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH:  3:46 am  5.2'

LOW:  10:00 am -0.1'

HIGH:  5:08 pm  5.7'

LOW:  11:06 pm  1.7'

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