Daily Surf Report - 6/25/2013

Now rocking our SUMMER HOURS and open daily from 9am - 6pm.

 CLOSING EARLY - Call In advance!

I guess you can't have sun some days without rain during others. The day of a thousand tears is here today. I received the sad news that Bolinas has fell into a coma and her vital signs are not looking good. There is a not so sensual south wind hacking our dreams to pieces and a not so fun low tide killing anything that could overcome the wind. Its 58*F this morning with ominous skies. Slight rain is keeping everyone behind their doors and no one is in this turbulent aquatic fluid yet. If there is a wave, the little grommets of surf camp will find it. It's not a summers' day but its still a beautiful one, if you have the kiwis to get wet than I commend you and promote you to Captain.
CHANNEL: Sad and angry. On top of the wind and bottoming out tide there is a racing current sucking out every last bit of rideable wave.
And now, let us have a moment of silence for the departed... RIP Channel.

PATCH: Rocks are blown out and small. No water, no Laundry.
Lets do the math. NO Water + Howling South = Tears.
On the positive side, the beach is empty and the air smells beautiful. Grab a coffee with a buddy and enjoy the weather.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  7:35 am -1.6'

HIGH:  2:47 pm  5.3'

LOW:  7:43 pm  2.2'

SUMMER HOURS are now in effect. We are now open daily from 9am - 6pm from MAY through OCTOBER.

Come out to rent if you need gear. We have a full selection of suits, boots, boards, and SUPs to rent every day and are only 522 steps to the beach.

Lots of NEW and USED boards are in the racks so come check it out. Full wetsuits, 3 and 5mm booties, hoods and gloves are in stock as well. If you are in need of a new suit or board now is a great time to shop. We have all the gear for your cold water surfing needs.