Daily Surf Report - 7/20/2013

HAKA HAKA!!!  Holy Saturday Dance Fight Wave Slayers.
It's another Saturday out here in Bolinas and the parking lot is already brimming with wild eyed, drooling surfer types, scratching to get into their wet wetsuits that they forgot to dry out last nite, sandy asses and all.  Rumors of the south swell have undoubtedly made it back to the pentagon, and the secret service is out there with the el jefe in the mar this morning.  The wind is not great right now, slight on shore, creating texture and bump, but swell is filtering regardless.  If it turns around today, the NW could groom it up, or maybe if the janitors get out there to sweep it into a pile...
CHANNEL: About knee high to waist, flip flopping through the middle out there.  About 10 guys on it at present, tide is filling in and if the wind switches and swell continues to fill in we could see some bi-polar vast improvement from the morning sickness that it has now......but we'll have to wait and see. 
PATCH: Knee to about waist at present, with about 30 people spread out all along the whole patch reef and beyond.  They must know something we don't as it looks like a buoy convention on the way outside past the meeting rock.  Grab a log and slip and slide through all of your buddies chatting with their coffee and tea in the line up this morning, cliff and wall dwellers need not apply. 

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW:  4:08 am  -0.9 am

HIGH:  11:20 am  4.6'

LOW:  3:46 pm 2.5'

HIGH:  10:07 pm   7.0'

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