Daily Surf Report - 8/4/2013

4 fried chickens and a coke please.  Oh and a side of dry white toast.  The breakfast of surfing champions.  Stuff you face full and prepare for a nice long day in the water.  We have an overcast and moist morning.  Dead calm.  Glassy ocean.  Surfers love this weather especially when a new SW swell is starting to show its teeth and fill in today.  Temp is 55F and who cares if the sun comes out.  Strap on that damp suit and charge it today as surf's up amigo. 
CHANNEL:  Low tide starting to fill in and will have adequate water levels to support waves all day.  Afternoons and evenings have had waist high + surf and plenty of peaks all over the area.  Most boards will work but longboards will rule the outside bar.  Right now we have thigh high lefts in the Channel and a few small rights trying to push into Mali-BO.  Also the bar right in front is still good for the body surfer or boogie board enthusiast.  Post up here if you want small but zippy inside waves or want to take the high performance log out for a spin.  Swell direction of 220 degrees will get in here today. 
PATCH:  The Patch loves a S swell and is happy today.  Good long period swell giving us outside waves in the waist high + range.  Needs a bit more water to get cleaned up and really working well but wind is nil and tide is marching in and will be good throughout the entire day.  About 10 in the water on logs and SUPs and this will be the most consistent spot today.  A few rocks showing but soon to be under water. 

Adult Surf Camp will be offered from August 12th to August 15th for $320 per person. Camp will last from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm and will include over 3 hours of instruction per day. Students will receive instruction on the beach and in the water and have the opportunity to surf both of the breaks in Bolinas in a range of tides and conditions. Adult Surf camps are the perfect way to quickly improve your surfing skills or learn the basics. Camp size is kept small (4 to 6 people) to ensure students receive the personal attention needed to improve. Advanced registration is required to attend and you can sign up HERE.  Surf equipment (board, wetsuit and boots) will be available to rent from the 2 Mile Surf Shop for your clinic and will be $50/day

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


LOW:  4:58  am  0.0'

HIGH:  12:02  pm  4.7'

LOW:  4:41  pm  2.7'

HIGH:  10:40  pm  6.0'

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