Daily Surf Report - 9/27/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Don't paddle straight out, don't drop in and don't snake for sure.  Don't laugh or smile don't make no eye contact.  Never, ever get caught inside.  Don't chop hop. Don't call outside sets.  Don't spot check and don't dawn patrol.  Don't sunrise or sunset.  Don't lurk in parking lots.  No camping out.  No secret spots.  Don't talk shapes.  Ain't staring at the seas ain't staring at the sand.-  I'm no dude, no bro.  Not stoked, not amped, not psyched and not sun burnt.  Never surfed out.  I don't surf no more." -  Joe Conway

Welcome to Friday at the beach.  It is a glorious morning with blue skies and sunshine, a temp of 53F and not wind.  Still a glassy and beautiful ocean surface although wave size has dropped since yesterday.  Leftover NW windswell is all that remains.  Bars are set, tide is good, just need a bit more energy from Mother Ocean.  Great day for beginners and there are still a few rides to be had.


CHANNEL: Small waves pushing thigh high.  Requires some seeking, patience and extra paddling to find the magic wave.  Grab your crystal directional finder for extra help. Bring the longboard today and on your paddle out you will achieve total surfing enlightenment.  We expect E winds and a little swell bump but may not see significant improvement until the weekend. 

PATCH: You like flat Brah?  Us either but that is what we are seeing early this morning.  Potential peaks roll through but not much breaking wave action so far.  Great for kayaks, touring SUPs and swimmers but not so much for the surfing contingent.  Post up here later with an open third eye and maybe find a few gems in the afternoon.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 7:45 am  4.3'

LOW:  12:35 pm  3.0'

HIGH: 6:07 pm  4.9'

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