Daily Surf Report - 9/29/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“How long should you try?  Until. ”   ―  Jim Rohn

Blue jays in my grill with skunks and opossums becoming friends.  The crystal connection has been made and all is right in this beautiful world.  Make like Black Francis and ride the wave of mutilation all the way to shore today.  It is misty overcast with the sun hiding its fiery location.  Hide and seek time but it will come out to play later.  Currently 56F and not a breath of wind.  Close your eyes and listen to NOTHING.   A few early risers scoring the glassy bumps as the tide fills in this morning.  Grab a water craft and ride it.

CHANNEL:  Channel is the Mack Daddy right now delivering pitching wedges, beat downs, hold downs and open faces.  Going chest to neck high as swell fills in and water levels stay mid.  Strong sauce goodness this afternoon.  Bring your good Bolinas board and be one with the waves.  Here are set sandbars and a little bit of N swell.  When the direction is right the waves are thigh high + and smooth as glass.  Nice for your longboarding pleasure today and safe for beginners as well.  Walk the sand with the crustaceans today and mind the seawall during the high tide.

PATCH: Sets reel and peel towards the beach with glassy goodness.  Rocky and Bullwinkle style as tide heads low.  Slicing and dicing for your board or feet if you don't mind the inside rocks.  Size running up the flagpole a bit towards waist high.  Find your way to Oceana and visualize the Patch breaking.  It currently is small here but a little Osprey told me in my dream that a new dose of swell may turn on here today.  Shipstern knee crunchers are available but the tide levels are good all day so envision improvement - at least in your mind.
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 9:19 am  4.7'

LOW:  2:34 pm  2.5'

HIGH: 8:16 pm  5.0'

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