Daily Surf Report - 9/4/2013

ATTENTION: We will be closing early today but we will re-open tomorrow at our usual time of 9AM.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Wishing won't get you to the NBA.” - 'Pistol' Pete Maravich

Good morning to all of you wave sliders! It's another glorious day here at the beach! The temperature is 57 degrees and it's been hitting the mid 80's here lately! The sun is out and singing in the key of Al Green and not any wind (as of yet) to goof things up. Thus far it's glass all the way and possibly some gliding fun a little later while this tide sets up. Not too much to talk about swell wise as it's rather small but until recently it's been less than zero, so poco is better than nada. It's a beautiful day out so enjoy it in any manner you see fit.
CHANNEL:  Still a little something out there coming through in the waist (+/-) range but the tide needs to fill in a bit more but not too much. It's all about finding that right window of time. Timing is everything. You remember the story of Captain Cook and the Sandwich Islands? Now there was a guy with bad timing. One (1) humanoid out there as I report this. 
PATCH: The Patch is starting to work up a froth just a tiny bit in the middle and inside (in front of the boards) at about thigh high. Green-Africa is tossing out lines in classic Odyssey siren proportions that look like some will break while others will fake. Your call, Captain. Two (2) out there now. Longboard near E.T.'s (left side of the inside Patch) and Russ the janitorial wonder waaaaaay out on surfari in Green-Africa!

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


LOW: 5:24 am  0.5'

HIGH: 12:10 am  5.3'

LOW:  5:34 pm   1.7'

HIGH: 11:45 pm  5.7'


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