Daliy Surf Report - 9/15/2013


Todays report is brought to you in semi-English. Because we are doing all the things you want to do.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“What we change inwardly will change outer reality."  - Plutarch

Good day to you crazy, creepy and sleepy people. Its a weird one this morning with weirder and wilder wings, dings, and things all day long. Practice your outer reach astronaut surfing style because its going to be a bumpy ride. Its a charming 58*f this sensual yet sophisticated morning and there are plenty of sweet sugar lumps of side stepping swell for all your soul opening surfing desires. Looking calm as a silent tree and the sun is in fact perv-ing on the whole scene.

CHANNEL:  I'm calling this corner of the world as it is. Surf in the calf to waist high plus, rip-able range and giving complete consent to all those weird and wonky pretend seal people all wanting a fish. If you need a wave to the sand find your self here and never speak of it again. Beautiful days.
PATCH: Courageous to the core. That's the name of the crazy game today. Only the truly pessimistic people will walk away without a smile and sore appendages. Total righteousness is exploding all over today and sets are knee to belly and plowing all the way to the rock pilings. Fun, fun and more fun.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 9:40 am  5'

LOW: 2:45 am  2.2'

HIGH: 8:55 pm  6.1

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