Daily Surf Report - 10/15/2013

ATTENTION! We will be closing early today but will re-open at our usual time tomorrow morning at 9AM. 

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“In three words I can sum up everything that I have learned about life: it goes on.” - Robert Frost

Good morning to you denizens of the wave sliding tribe. It's another cool, clear autumn morning here at the beach with the sun out and the temperature rolling around the 48 degree range. There is a very slight West-Southwest breeze but nothing to be concerned over as of yet. The surf, on the other hand is almost non-existent as I write this. Granted we are swinging into another high tide but if there is a swell out there it's doing a great job in the witness protection program. Maybe later with a tide change? You'll be the first I'll let know if so.

CHANNEL:  Fat tide, teeny wave. Great for beginners right now as this spot is belching a knee-cap high crumble-bum every so often that's about as clean as a Washington senator. It's even quiet way over at Duxbury Reef, so that tells one a lot about what's...not. Again, good for the beginner but if you're a seasoned surfer or even an intermediate one you may want to look elsewhere today at a West facing beach. No one here as I report this.

PATCH:  Just like Michelle Bachman's head....flat and empty.
2-Mile Surf Shop in Bolinas is having our Annual Fall Rental Inventory Blow-Out Sale!

All used / rental wetsuits, booties and surfboards will be on sale at drastically reduced prices.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 4/3mm wetsuits:
Adult Wetsuits $75 / Youth Wetsuits $55

Hyperflex Access 3mm r/t booties:
Sizes 5 - 13 only $10

Surfboards for all abilities - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Foamies and Epoxy boards with prices starting as low as $250. Used boogie boards for $25. 

Sale begins Friday, October 18th, 2013

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 9:48  am  5.8'

LOW:  3:39  pm  1.0'

HIGH: 9:55  pm  5.4'


SUMMER HOURS are now in effect. We are now open daily from 9am - 6pm from MAY through OCTOBER.

Come out to rent if you need gear. We have a full selection of suits, boots, boards, and SUPs to rent every day and are only 522 steps to the beach.

Lots of NEW and USED boards are in the racks so come check it out. Full wetsuits, 3 and 5mm booties, hoods and gloves are in stock as well. If you are in need of a new suit or board now is a great time to shop. We have all the gear for your cold water surfing needs.