Daily Surf Report - 10/7/2013


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
"Give me champagne when I'm thirsty--give me reefer when I wanna' get high." - McKinley "Muddy Waters" Morganfield

Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful fall morning at 50 degrees and sunny. The surf is somewhat rolling but maybe lolling would be the proper word right now. Big boards will work but you have to catch it before that BIG tide comes in and shuts it all down like the stoppage of a government bill!

CHANNEL:  Waist-to-just-under-waist high lefts outside of the Groin Pole. Fresh and clean like just after a breath mint. Big boards will be the only tool for this job today as the higher than Cypress Hill tide is on it's way. Only Steve on the new longboard is there now before work.

PATCH:  Lines are coming in at the Patch today but it seems only the set wave is actually breaking.... and not with every set. Waist high (at best) outside of the Rock/Meeting Rock/Bulk Head but that pesky tide is coming up and it's going to be 'bong load' high, which generally will shut off the fun here. Big board will work for a while with A LOT of time on your hands to hunt & peck for that one ride. No one out yet. 
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  Respect the Beach.


LOW:  7:03 am  2.0'

HIGH: 1:28 pm  6.2'

LOW:  7:54 pm  -0.3'


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