Daily Surf Report - 11/18/2013

We will be closing early today. We will re-open tomorrow morning at our usual start time of 10AM.
WINTER HOURS are now in effect.
We are now open daily from 10am - 5pm from NOVEMBER through APRIL.
Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” -George Washington

Good morning to all of you sliders and riders of the liquid salt realities! It's another glorious autumn day here at the beach. The sun is up, the birds are singing in the key of Bessie Smith and hardly a breath of wind to be found as the temperature is a cool and crisp 46 degrees. This can only be summed up from the title of the only comedy ever penned by Tennessee Williams, "Ah, Wilderness!" However, the wonderment of an increasing tide is upon our little 'surfdom' and without a hint of a swell we ALL know what this means... perhaps later, with a dropping tide and a little luck something peak-y and undulating will transpire. Keep you eyes peeled on this blog for future updates. 
CHANNEL:  Occasionally an ankle high roller comes along but doesn't break then immediately sinks back into the murky depths of the Channel. Perhaps later with the tide turn-around but when that happens watch out for that draining lagoon! One (1) Custodian out polishing that turd.  

PATCH:  With this high tide and no real swell push the Patch is doing the Jimmy Hoffa right now. Only the Pelican was spotted on his fleet janitorial craft passing this spot on his way to give Duxbury Reef a good wax & buff.
Respect the Beach.

LOW: 5:03  am  2.5'

HIGH: 11:06 am  6.1'
LOW: 5:52 pm  -0.6'

WINTER HOURS are now in effect. We are now open daily from 10am - 5pm from NOVEMBER through APRIL.

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