Daily Surf Report - 11/21/2013

WINTER HOURS are now in effect.
We are now open daily from 10am - 5pm from NOVEMBER through APRIL.
Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Scatter confetti over the floor, sweep an old year out the door!” - Myra Conn Livingston

Old with the old and in with the new as a new decade begins for someone special.  Dr. Science, LR, wants to pass on some important tidal info to all of those denizens of the sea:
Since antiquity, people have noticed that oceans exhibit a much greater tidal range around the time of the full Moon and new Moon. Higher tides occur during these Moon phases because the Sun also exerts a gravitational pull on our oceans, although it is only 46 percent as strong as the Moon's.  When the gravitational effects of the Sun and the Moon combine, we get spring tides, which have nothing to do with the season of spring. The term refers to the action of the seas springing out and then springing back. These are times of high high tides and low low tides.  A week later, during either of the two quarter Moon phases, when the Sun and Moon are at right angles to each other and their tidal influences partially cancel each other out, neap tides occur, and the tidal range is minimal. In fact, because the oceans take a bit of time to catch up to the geometry of the Moon, spring and neap tides usually occur about a day after the respective lunar cycles.  Today we have neap tides and clearing skies as well. No rain and no wind either.  A temp of 50F and a smooth ocean surf with small but shapely peaks to ride.  Not as kicked up or juicy as we had hoped but definitely a surf day if you can make it to the beach.
CHANNEL: Smoothness prevails with pop up peaks in the thigh high size are rolling through this area.  Surfers and SUPs rejoice in the undulating warbles that are rideable and glassy today.  The calm after the storm.  No wind and a few fun ones to be had on a longboard today.  Neap tides galore so water levels are fine all day.  

PATCH: Flat but smooth.  Did not see anything worth reporting positively on except the sighting of 1 seal, 4 birds and no humans of note.  Just localized windswell today so not enough to get the Patch working. 
Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 2:36 am 4.6'
LOW: 7:13 am 3.0'

HIGH: 12:54 pm 5.4'
LOW: 7:45 pm -0.1'

WINTER HOURS are now in effect. We are now open daily from 10am - 5pm from NOVEMBER through APRIL.

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