Daily Surf Report - 12/20/2013

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Blisteringly crispy morning with temps back down into the high 20s in the low regions.  No moisture in the air but frosty conditions exist.  Now up to a robust 35F as the sun is out, the skies are blue and the wind remains light and offshore.  Fabulous Fall morning - again.  Still have a decent dose of NW wind swell but it has some size to it and is translating into rideable and fun surf conditions today.  The sandbars are set and the direction is good.  Grab some foam and toss your troubles to the wind.  Find your happy place in the ocean and allow the serenity to soak in.  It is medically and scientifically proven that surfing is the cure for all ailments. 

CHANNEL: Magical moonlit session with champagne wishes and caviar dreams.  Also frosty toes and dripping noses.  Water still hanging in at 52F but air and ground about half that.  NW wind swell continues to deliver fun stuff today.  In the Channel the left bar is working at waist high and the morning crew of 8 are rotating through with plenty of nice manners.  Venture across to Seadrift and you will find waist to chest high rights that reel and peel and are fast and fun.  Walls to climb and a cross step or two.  Inner bend section has dropping bottom and throwing top and there is a small window to peek or climb into for a brief moment.  Incoming tide is just right and the surf is fairly consistent and gave everyone plenty of rides.  Logs and eggs are the call.  Hot coffee and a side of bacon as well.  Hold the toast cause BT don't roll like that.  Smooth ocean surface and sunny.  Why wait - try now.

PATCH: A few more instances of waves in the Patch today but looking mostly suitable for SUPs.  Inner Snags section still whomping away and the outside wave is breaking softly and thigh high in size.  It is beautiful and sunny this way and just a few in the water so give it a look as the incoming tide is helping a bit.  Not great but a few rides can be had here today.

Respect the Beach.

LOW: 6:48 am 2.9'

HIGH: 12:30 pm  5.5'

LOW: 7:14 pm  -0.1'


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