Daily Surf Report - 12/22/2013


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“All who can let go, are the real holders of their reality.” - anonymous

Good morning to all and everyone this morning. It's beautiful, it's wild , it's whatever your little day is supposed to be. Its' reality, It's myth, It's surfing. 45*f this morning with a positively perfect flaming orb in the sky melting all those frozen toes in the water now. We crawl out of bed, and walk to our car, bike or any vehicle. BUT; when we get to the ocean, there is a reason we run to the water's edge. Think literally and mystically and you will finally get surfing. A few in the water, wavers to ride and smiles to have.

CHANNEL:  Surf riders and all fantasizing terrestrial organisms rejoice. There is a little bit of the good stuff in the knee to belly range and about 5 of the mentioned above in the water. The days are expanding but not nearly as fast as my mind. Let the water flow over you and wash your sorrows away. 20 minutes will yield a much more tangible effect on the soul than 20 hours behind a desk. Experience life for the first time again and rip or shred. Slightly closing out but tidal change may be beneficial in this region.  

PATCH: Pass a note to that cutie in the lineup and confess your love. No one will know you have a heart if you don't show it around at all convenient and inconvenient places. Look around and if you take it to seriously, you are not quite there yet. The SURF is LOOKING Knee to possibly waist high plus depending on the tidal swings. That's the plain English version. Remember to kiss your important person so you can get personal with yourself.
Respect the Beach.

LOW: 8:27 am 2.8'

HIGH: 1:56 pm  4.8

LOW: 8:27 pm 0.5'


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