Daily Surf Report - 12/8/2013

CloSiNg EaRlY, at 4:00 PM - C@11 IN aDvAnCe- :)
Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“Force anger, and I will respond with love.” - aynonomus

Its a nipply one out there today with little to no survivors of last nights freeze. While gazing longingly at the sea some grow feelings of warmth. This is not happening today as the air temp is at a bone cracking 38*F. Lets look at all the things manifesting themselves for our  possible pleasure today. We have the sun, we have the sea, we have a hot cup of liquid in our bellies. All is good in this world. Change your reality, its going to be a cold one.

(group staring contest held at 1:17PM. Grand prize  = 11'000$ cash) 

CHANNEL: I'm seeing the highest ever levels of possibility and some flat lining levels of probability. Its a triple over toe kinda vibe with a little bit of off-shore spray making these little slippers looking like I want a bite. However; tidal change may drastically effect ones ability to catch waves at this spot.
None of the gang is here and I am feeling lonely. No one out.
 PATCH: As little as you can possibly imagine. Go ahead, look at it. Keep looking... Keep looking. DO you see it? Yes and no. See something or nothing. See what you choose.
Sadly, at the moment no one is seeing anything because no one is here. Pray for surf.

Respect the Beach.

LOW: 9:52 am  2.2'

HIGH: 3:38 pm  5.0'
 LOW: 9:53 pm  0.2'


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