Daily Surf Report - 1/18/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pray for rain and pray for surf. But really pray for rain as we need it badly and the surf has arrived in town once again and will continue through the weekend.  Brisk and beautiful today with frosty lowlands and a beach temp of 44F.  It is full on sunshine and warm temps will be expected up into the 70s.  Light off-shores getting it groomed up for ripping.  All crystals are fully charged and buzzing.  The energy is real and palpable.  I've got them under my tongue and in my ears.  If I don't hear what you are saying please forgive me.  It is clean and glassy today with user friendly surf in town.  Good for Salty Dogs, nihilists and hipsters alike.  Let's keep it klassy and unkluttered during the long weekend as it is beach weather and crowds are expected.  There is plenty to go around and please be kind to your fellow man or woman. 

CHANNEL:  Intact bars and a new NW groundswell translates into rideable surf.  Should be pumping at the most exposed spots but we are getting waves here today.  Swell is solid and building so expect an increase in size over the next 2 days.  Right now the Groin bar lefts are holding shape and spinning shorewards are a rapid pace.  Size is waist high and they are consistently consistent.  Over at Seadrifts there are reeling rights with lots of spray off the back and some mini-shaks to peer into.  A bit more foam will help today as the swell is just getting started and the tide is rising.  Longboards and eggs will work best for the morning session.  Outgoing afternoon tide could be super fun and we will update the conditions later today.   For now let your crystal directional finder guide you West and find your nirvana in the ocean.  About 10-12 in  the water. 

PATCH: Signs of life and waves as well.  Peaky and pesky but rideable as well.  Line one up and the rights roll towards the sand.  Waist high or better but not as lined up with this swell direction.  Still there are waves to ride and your longboard will be happy to be here.  Incoming tide may let some more swell in and clean things up a bit.  Water levels remain good here until the mid afternoon.  4 in the water.  Shaka Brah, Bro.

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