Daily Surf Report - 1/2/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
“What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows.” - Alexandra Stoddard

Welcome to the New Year 2014.  I believe it is the Year of the Crystal!  Resolve to resolve.  New beginnings and new beliefs.  Recognize the beauty and guidance crystals can provide and give yourself over to the spiritual realities it creates.  We start like we ended with clear and sunny skies, cool mornings that warm as the day goes on.  Currently 47F and a kiss of offshore wind.  Easing back WNW swell today but more is on the way.  King Tides still rising and will hit 7.0' today.  Then it will suck out and drain like the CA economy so pick and choose wisely as timing is everything in life. Fairly full of water and almost swamped out now but enough energy left to get big boards moving as the sandbars are set.

CHANNEL:  Full tide - Fat tide and still coming in for another 2 hours.  Still giving up some rollers that are rideable and thigh hit.  Pull out the biggest log you have and you will enjoy glide-able waves.  Middle bar in into Mali-Bo working on the incoming and though they are small the rights are smooth and have a bit of shape today.  Seadrift still has some leftover rights as well but will work better later when the tides turns.  Still a gorgeous day to be at the beach and not at works so strap on some neoprene and get wet.  3 in the water and more suiting up.

PATCH: Just occasional rollers today as swell has dropped and tide is still peaking.  Nearly shut down and will stay that way for a few hours as tide levels don't start to recede until around 1 pm.  Empty lineup at this time but kayaks and touring SUPs will score.

Respect the Beach.

LOW: 5:18 am 2.3'

HIGH: 11:31 am 7.0'

LOW: 6:08 pm -1.5'


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