Daily Surf Report - 1/25/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“One kind word can warm three winter months.” - Japanese Proverb

Post Mavericks Expression Session on today with all the Pro Loopers in town.  Still showing large and long on the buoys and fairly macking in town again today.  Big swell with lots of water, sunny weather and tons of people.  A Cluster-cuss in the making for sure.  Still lumpy and bumpy with plenty of waves to ride.  Spots that usually break are breaking.  Spots that sometimes break are breaking.  Spots that don't break are breaking here in Bolinas today as there is lots of water moving around - I dare say gallons.  Remember to show respect, kindness and love today.  We are all visitors to the ocean and on this planet for just fleeting moments in time.  All we have in this world is our word and our crystals.  Keep them close and sacred and never break them for anyone.  52F with light offshore winds.  Beautiful beach day.  Stay in your element and don't end up like Donny.

CHANNEL:  Again there are peaks a plenty all over the area.  Tide is heading out and may clean things up a bit.  Sandbars have shifted due to all the water moving around but there are some good ones to ride.  Size again is ranging from waist to head and above depending on where you surf.  Grab whatever board you like getting whomped on as most waves have a good drop and run but not too many turns today as sections are everywhere.  Still lots of fun to have some juice in the water.  Look both ways as there will be many people in the water from amateur to professional today.  About 100+ in the water. Charge it!

PATCH: Outgoing tide helping with the outside waves and things starting to shape up and clean up.  Still bumpy, lumpy and jumbled but if you can nurse some of the middle sections there are long rides to be enjoyed.  Lots of waves in non-traditional areas and size is waist up to head high.  A bit of a roller coaster ride.  Not Giant Dipper style but more like the Hurricane.  Dips and drops and flat sections to navigate.  Still plenty to ride and all eggs and longboards will work.  About 50+ in the water.  Hang loose!

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